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2021 was a Good Year!

It feels so good to use ‘Was’ in connection with 2021 because 2021 was also a rough year. Full of highs and LOWS but God is good! As the end of the year came around, I kept thinking how much of a ghetto year it…

“He will delight in you with singing" - Zephaniah 3:17

This phrase has always caught my attention. God himself as per capital G. The big G. The G-O-D would DELIGHT over ME with SINGING. I've always known heaven na Praise and worship but I find it hard to imagine God…

Didymus stared into the darkness as deep thoughts consumed him. The past weekend and its craziness replayed in his mind and no matter how hard he tried to fall asleep — he couldn’t. The last time he had felt this way was when Nicodemus his twin brother had died in…

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi

Unashamed Christian Writer/Content Dev @sarautamag @lingafriq Founder/Managing Editor @project9jamag Twitter : @nenkinandeshi TeamYWAP

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