Bended but not Broken Promo - The Why?

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi
3 min readSep 20, 2023

Bended but not Broken will be officially out in less than 2 days. It is available at N1000 on preorder for a little over 24 hours. It would sell at N1500 from Friday the 22nd. Preorder at

One of the chapters I wrote most extensively on in the book "Bended but not Broken" is titled "The Why?" In this chapter, I chronicled my experience in trying to find purpose and reason for living. We all struggle with this especially young people.

For me, it was extra because I needed to have an explanation for why I had to deal with the kind of physical pain I was living with. I went through a long season of depression. Then I went through a season where for more than a year, I was actively begging God to take me home. I was done with this world. If God really answered peoples prayers to die, I promise I would have been long gone. But he didn’t answer.

Coming out of that season, I just wanted to know why. I was desperate to know why. I indicated my interest to God and willingness to serve anywhere, anyhow. I actively sought opportunities to volunteer. And it was as if God was frustrating me.

Then I learnt one of the biggest lessons of my life. That I needed God and not the other way round. God was at total liberty to use me or not. I couldn't make demands of him. At my "best", I was still dirty and sin stained. This was a turning point. I surrendered and let God do his thing.

Not too long after, God brought Claire Aid Foundation into my life and I joyfully serve there. Learn more about the journey of purpose and why it's not as complicated as it seems in the book.

I didn’t plan to sell the book "Bended but not Broken" because freely I received, freely I give but I decided to do so as a form of fundraising for the work we do at Claire Aid Foundation and Jebbu Miango Reads. Last year I ran a fundraiser on my birthday and raised about N100,000. This year, through sales and freewill donations, I hope to do more. On Friday I will publish the account details for Claire Aid Foundation and I pray you see our work and give towards it. You can also give by purchasing multiple copies of Bended but not Broken which will be given to those who can’t afford it or other target groups you might have in mind. Learn more about Claire Aid Foundation and what we do by visiting our website or searching our social media profiles.

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