Book Announcement —Bended but not Broken


I am pleased to announce my second book - Bended but not Broken is set to be released on my 25th birthday - the 22nd of September which is just two weeks away.

Growing up has been a lot. I've battled with I'll health which concerns my legs since I was 14 and it has been a lot! I wish I had some kind of framework to help me understand and process what I was going through. There was also the struggle and strain of growing especially as a young Christian who intended to stay true to God.

Bended but not Broken contains some of the lessons and truths I wish I had known and chronicles my experiences on this journey thus far. My sincere hope? That by reading this someone else might find light and hope. That someone else might not have to learn by painful experiences like I did.

That being said. Prepare your money. September 22nd. We go live!

Meanwhile. Abeg if you wan support the mission, mbok donations will be well accepted. T for Tenks.

If you haven’t read my first book, "The Fight for Joy", the time is Now. Reading it is essential.



Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi

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