For When Unnecessary Roadblocks Appear

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi
2 min readNov 3, 2023

About this time last year, I was driving a Dutch missionary who was visiting Nigeria. He had an appointment somewhere in La’mingo and I headed towards British America to see if the road was open (this was when the fly over was under construction). It was and I passed quickly to La’mingo.

The next appointment was at Murtala Mohammed way very close to British America so I turned to go back as I came. Just as the car in front was going to pass, the construction guys closed the road and blocked access. I waited hoping they’d open the road. 5 minutes then 20 went no hope. Angrily I turned around and had to drive through Millionaires quarters and then Shaka back to old airport then Murtala Mohammed way via UTC. My frustration was so obvious, my elderly missionary friend noticed.

We got to Murtala Mohammed way and the door to where we were headed was closed. Less than a minute later, the officer returned from prayers with his mat. At this point, the missionary said to me, “Now do you see why God closed the road”.

I was instantly defeated. I would have spent an hour waiting under the hot sun for the man in the office. And God knew so he created a detour that made me drive round town and enjoy breeze 😅😅 This was one of those times God reminded me of what’s true. That as John Piper would say,

“God is often doing 10,000 things and we are aware of one”.

God’s supremacy, omnipresence and omniscience means that he sees what we can’t. Who are we? Finite mortal beings.

We can barely see our front. God can see the whole picture.

Where is God or men placing an absolutely unnecessary delay and road block on your path. Are you angry? Learn to trust God with it. He knows what he’s doing. Unlike you he sees it all. Trust in his sovereignty and

I promise as the millions of saint throughout the ages have sworn with their lives, that God never drops the ball.



Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi

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