In Keeping with my practice over the Last five Years of giving Fictional Christmas Stories, I present to you Hurs Encounter — a story not written from the perspective of Hur shepherd boy and elder brother to Jotham the little drummer boy. Hurs’ encounter is the real joy of christmas and message! Merry Christmas.

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Hur settled back on the country side with his father’s sheep and couldn’t stop brimming with joy. The last 2 hours had been incredibly surreal. He rubbed his eyes wondering if they had actually happened or it had all been a dream but he was here and live. Chatter was everywhere amongst the shepherds. This wasn’t a day they were likely to forget.

It shocked Hur that angels would appear to lowly shepherds as them. At age 15, Hur was beginning to understand the world system and how people like him were the bottom of the bottom of the ranks. But — Gods angels had appeared to them and not only that they had heard an angelic choir and gone to see the new born king. It still sounded impossible. In a time when no one had heard from God in centuries, his angels would appear to smelly shepherds. The angels narrated that the Messiah had been born. The shock had been so much that every one of the shepherds rushed to the Inn to see for themselves and their sheep had not strayed! One of the biggest wonders of the Night was seeing the wise men from the East! Hur fondly remembered his grandfather’s story of the one time he went to the east and met this noble men of wisdom! They were legends Hur never expected to see but he had seen them this night bowing before this baby in the manger. What child was this? That noble men from far would travel a great distance bearing gifts! And the child was born in the lowest of places a feeding through for animals! What capped the night was how his younger brother Jotham had played his Samba for the baby. It was weird at first but Hur had not heard a more beautiful sound.

Hur looked over the hillside and smiled. This child wasn’t normal but special and he cared about low folk like him. The worship and events of the night convinced him that this child would grow to be great and do awesome things!

33 years later Hur would stand beneath the cross of Jesus — the wonder child and watch as he died and the world grew dark. His life began with supernatural displays and so did his death. What child was this but the promised Messiah! O Come let us adore him!