In 21…I was Not Alone

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi
4 min readDec 31, 2021
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2021 was a Good Year!

It feels so good to use ‘Was’ in connection with 2021 because 2021 was also a rough year. Full of highs and LOWS but God is good! As the end of the year came around, I kept thinking how much of a ghetto year it had been. How much trouble and pain I went through. In this one year, I visited the hospital more times than ever and I almost always drove away in tears. I took so many drugs I declared breaks for myself in-between. In 2021 I lost valued relationships. In 2021, I had my first accident behind the wheel and I was at fault. In 2021, I struggled in school for the first time ever and it was a lot. If I were to list the tragedies It’d take a whole other post.

But 2021 was a Good Year! In 2021, God revealed himself to me a in a different way and I learnt ALOT of lessons. God spoke to me so much! From Sermons to devotions to people around to music, Grace was ever sufficient. If I were to give this year a soundtrack it would be, “Million Little Miracles”. That song was divinely written, mixed and produced! But that’s not the focus of my post. Stay with me small. There’s a reason Johnson Oatman Jr. titled his hymn “Count Your Blessings”.

Its so easy to see our disappointments. It takes intentionality to Count Your Blessings and when you do, wonder is always the response

I counted my blessings and In doing so, I found what I can call the biggest lesson of my year and that is, “I Am Not Alone”. Sometimes I think God really has a big sense of humor! I can visualize God the trinity laughing at me every time I say this is my biggest lesson of the year. My Name Nenkinan literally means “God is With Me” so it shouldn't be good news that I am Not Alone but often times, as Beautiful Eulogy would rap, “What’s concealed in the heart of having Is revealed in the losing of things”. This year I lost a lot, including my energy to do a lot of things. I had to slooooww down and it was depressing but hey more time for God to get my attention!

Often times, it is in the darkest valleys that we see and value the Light of the World who is a Lamp to our Feet and the Light to our path

This wasn’t my first tough year but this year, I truly knew God was with me because in the darkest valleys he was my light. That I enjoyed this year through everything, was active and in service almost all year, smiled, loved and my spirit didn’t die is proof of that. David once said, “The Lord is Close to the broken hearted” and this I can confirm is true.

God Loves you so much to leave you alone to suffer. Whenever God permits a thing, he provides grace and strength. He Fixes his eyes on you. He wants you to win and overcome

Whatever happened this year and whatever storm you are facing. You are not alone. Gods eyes are on you! You have never walked alone and you will never walk alone. You would probably cry if I narrated my year to you but God! He gives Grace. God is the master comforter. He is the God of peace. I had so much peace this year that others were worried for me. And God is good! Some Years back I battled severe depression and I kept wondering Why. Now I know why, I was gathering capacity for 2021. So even though I limp and look forward to healing I know God is doing something. In Hausa we say, “Akwai tafiyan nisa a gaba”, literally, There is a long journey ahead. You cant see but God sees. Trust him.

And God is NOT WICKED!!!!!!

Fix your eyes on the one whos eyes are always on you. Unexpected Victories are ahead but in the eye of the storm, don’t lose focus. Fix your eyes on the one who orchestrates not just this season but your entire life.

I don’t know what my 2022 or yours will entail but this I know; “It will be a good year — If you walk with God”. It wont matter if its good by the worlds standards. God is GOOD and he loves to see his children smile. He is not irresponsible!

Listen to “Never Walk Alone” By Hillsong Worship. This is my song!



Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi

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