Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi
2 min readApr 14, 2024


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Most Sunday School songs are packed with powerful Theology that we didn’t get when we sang them. As I grew, I began to listen to those songs again, and oh the goldmine of solid Theology! Take, for example, our childhood favourite;

Jesus Loves Me, This I know.
Jesus Loves Me! And I know it. Why? How am I sure? What’s my assurance of this? Who told me?

For the Bible Tells me so.
Wow! But how about my coconut head?

Little Ones to Him Belong. They are weak but he is strong.

Let’s sit with it for a minute.

Jesus Loves me. Jesus, God’s son. A member of the trinity. Jesus who is as holy and perfect as God. Who cannot stand sin. Who is the SI Unit of holiness. Who has existed since time immemorial apart from humanity save 33 years some 2000 years ago, Loves me. Do I merit his love? No. Am I like him at all, do we share similarities? No. Do I act like he does? I don’t. So why would he love me?

The Bible Tells me so. What does the Bible tell me? That while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. Jesus left heaven on purpose and came and died for my sins.

I couldn’t save me from me - talk more of the devil. And then Christ came and shattered the bars. His blood shed on Calvary speaks for me forever. His blood sits on one side of the scale and knocks any sin or amalgamation of my sins out of the park.

Jesus knows I am little. And because of that, he holds me tenderly in the hollow of his hand. He knows my weaknesses and limitations. He knows I am ever prone to sin. He knows I live in this world with the evil one. He could have paid for my sins on Calvary one time and asked me to live holy on my own henceforth and pay for any sin committed thereafter, but he didn’t.

Where I am weak he is strong. Where sin and temptations come at me, I can run to him. He provides me with daily grace and strength to live the way he wants me to. What a guy!!!

See how much Theology a simple Sunday school song entails. The question is, as old as we are, do we believe in these words? Have we internalized these truths? Are they evident in our lives?

Jesus Loves you. And nothing can stop that. If you think your sin is enough to discredit his love, you give yourself too much credit. Relax and accept his Love today.

Happy Sunday Folks.



Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi

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