Love = Sacrifice

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi
2 min readMay 19, 2022


Love in its purest Form cannot be alienated or separated from Sacrifice.

No where better is this seen than the story of Redemption.

It was sacrifice for God the Son to be send his son into the world causing physical separation from a Father and his son who had been together from time immemorial. “He was with God in the beginning”.

It was sacrifice for Mary to agree with God’s choice of her to bear Jesus. Imagine the insults and shaming Mary would have received in the 21st century which even has a strong force of liberalism, and then think of what it was back then in days women had no rights and we’re stoned anyhow

It was sacrifice for Joseph to listen to the Angel and take Mary as his. You know what we say when a couple has a child in 6–7 months from their marriage. Yhup they definitely heard that. Good Kids in the muddiest mud

It was sacrifice for Jesus to endure 33 years in this world being sinless and God and yet enduring it

It was the BIGGEST SACRIFICE of all times for God the Father and God the Son to be separated in all ways — Physically, emotionally and Spiritually on the cross of Calvary. God the Son was truly alone and not just that — carrying the sins of the entire world with him.

Love is Sacrifice. What are you willing to sacrifice for God today? What are you willing to sacrifice for those you Love today? Love is a Verb — Action. Show Love.

Any time you’re tempted to withhold and go “I’m not the kind of person who follows unmatched energy” or “I’m not the talking type” . Ask yourself. Was Jesus the dying type?

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