Moral Decadence Now Taking a Bold Stance in Jos — A Question of Laxity, indifference and Consciences.

31st October 2017 was a sad somber reflective evening for me and every subsequent day has carried the same aura. I sighted something that day that bore a hole deep in my heart and caused me to a ton of questions — questions I’ll ask in this post. Questions on whether we’ve become blind and deaf or insensitive to what is happening around us. I’ll tell you what I saw and then I’ll pour out my soul through writing — maybe then I’ll be able to sleep well without thinking of it. I have tried to convince myself not to write this post but alas I have succumbed to the pressure and want my conscience to be clear.

I was walking through Terminus market and reached the Hamaz GSM area. The first thing was I heard loud music and saw a Tecno advert stand with a DJ and then the gory image — a girl smallish in nature in bomb shorts twerking to the view of the general public.

I went home depressed and this sadness has lived on till now. A girl twerking on the Mainest Street in Jos people that is an abomination!

I spoke to my closest friend that evening and expressed my anger at what I saw and she said something along the lines of “It’s normal, get used to it” and I almost ran mad. Talking to other friends fetched me the same answer

How can we say it’s Normal! In Africa? In Nigeria? In Jos?

How can we say that is Normal less than 10 Kilometers from COCIN Headquarters, ECWA Headquarters, Baptist Church and many other religious institutions?

How can we say it’s normal in terminus, the heart beat and commercial center of Jos in the afternoon?

How can we say it’s Normal!

What later and further broke my heart is that as I have mentioned, this was happening less than 10km from 3 powerful churches, I saw people driving their children home from school and yet nobody took note — we all ignored it and went home. There’s a military post right there — nobody did anything. You can’t tell me no religious leader passed that way that afternoon — nobody did anything. No human right activist nobody at all!

And what’s sadder? This girl was probably on the brink of desperation with nowhere else to go — no way to make money. She looked smallish not bigger than 20 and there she was wagging her butt to gain some little money that would vanish as soon as she got it. She probably has no idea she has right to dignity and yet we all passed by the gory sight. In Fact I got inspired to write a Story I’ll be sharing soon — one girl out there needs to know she mustn’t trade her dignity to survive.

And my young people don’t shake your head and call me righteous for writing this. Think about this — if we permit this in Terminus in 2017 then what kind of country would we raise our children in? How will we keep them pure? Surely by then people would even be having sex on the road — do we make our children blind to keep them pure?

This message is to everybody. Till this point I’ve made this post neutral but now let me enter spiritual.

Dear Christians, will we stay still and watch the walls of our culture and faith and society remain flat or will we be Nehemiah’s and rebuild the walls? Dear Christians do you know the probability of this girl being a non-Christian is 5%? She’s almost definitely a Christian. Will we sit quiet and watch the Devil win in our country or will we fight as onward Christian soldiers? Let’s wake up pray and fight.

Before I end I would like to call out Tecno. When did making a lady flaunt herself publicly become a way to sell a phone? What relation does it have? Do you people know what harm you’re causing those women and the spectators? Let me tell you out rightly I’ve lost the vibe to buy a Tecno phone if anything. Who were the people who stayed and watched your public spectacle? The laborers, drug dealers, NFA’s not the people with means to buy your phones and heaven forgive you if one of them followed the poor girl and raped her! Change your advert strategy learn from GTB Bank’s “737 Advert” or Airtel’s “One Trybe”

Ladies and gentlemen I’ve come to the end of this diatribe. Let’s stand and work to stop this trend.

With Affectionate Love,

Somebody who cares about the future,

Nenkinan Deshi



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Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi

Unashamed Christian Writer/Content Dev @sarautamag @lingafriq Founder/Managing Editor @project9jamag Twitter : @nenkinandeshi TeamYWAP