On Love and Delight

Nenkinan Nehemiah Deshi
2 min readNov 14, 2021


“He will delight in you with singing" - Zephaniah 3:17

This phrase has always caught my attention. God himself as per capital G. The big G. The G-O-D would DELIGHT over ME with SINGING. I've always known heaven na Praise and worship but I find it hard to imagine God himself singing but now that I think about it - who else go be lead vocalist? Who David be compared to Baba God! But what amused me more was God would be so delighted in me that he would sing. You'd wonder why I'd be amused

Because I honestly didn't know why God delight would me. Somebody that is always before him asking asking for stuff. And is constantly "Shalaye-ing". Somebody not even on best behaviour. I felt and still feel sometimes that it's just because God created us and he's just too nice that he protects and does stuff for us. Not that he enjoys us or delights in us.

This thinking was interrupted by something I realised. I have 10 dogs and taking care of 10 dogs is aloooot. But I enjoy doing it. These beings don’t even do anything in return. They don’t say thank you or praise me for feeding them. They only poop fall sick and make me go to the vet. My puppies wail till I feed them but yet I enjoy doing it. I’ve also been observing my father carefully and Lowkey telling myself I don’t aspire to be a Daddy because omooo. You’ll just be spending money kowe. Everytime my car misbehaves or I have a need I feel guilty calling my father but he doesn’t week to care. He just does it.

These made me to realise something. God doesn't father because he has to. God enjoys fathering. He's the overall best in Daddying. God doesn't sustain or take care of us out of obligation because its who he is.

And we took his image even in that aspect. We like to care for others. Siblings. Children. Friends. It's part of our nature.

Reader, God loves and delights in you. In fact he's singing over you. This is not a God when matter it's a fact and that's on God.

P.S. Abeg make una come buy Puppies now. 10 dogs will soon kill me😭😭
P.P.S. This is April my girl in whom I am well pleased. Don’t be jealous



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